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Information Security Assessment

A high-level overview of the status of Information Security in your organisation, reporting on major risk areas and recommending priority areas for action.

Information Security Audit

A detailed audit of Information Security policies, procedures and practices within your organisation, reporting on key risk areas and providing a prioritised plan of action.

Policies and Procedures

Writing, publishing and implementing Information Security policies; establishing effective procedures to ensure that policies are observed; establishing an effective security organisation.

Internet and E-mail

Writing, publishing and implementing policies for the safe and legal use of internet and e-mail systems within the organisation and establishing effective processes for control and monitoring of the use of these systems.

Security Awareness

Assessing the awareness of security issues within the management and employees of the organisation and providing training and other forms of communication to address any shortcomings.

ISO 17799/BS 7799 Readiness

Assistance with preparing an organisation for compliance with the international standard for Information Security and possible certification.

Information Security Projects

Carrying out - or assisting with - specific projects to address particular issues in the area of Information Security (e.g. virus protection, internet and e-mail filtering and monitoring, access control, asset classification etc. etc.)