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Identify and Manage Your Risks

Information is vital to every business. Customer data, financial records, staff details and many other forms of information on different media are essential to every business function.

This has always been true but, in the modern world, the threats to corporate data are greater and more varied than ever before. These threats can be malicious or can arise from carelessness or ignorance. They can come from outside our organisation (viruses, hackers, competitors) or from our own employees (misuse of company systems like e-mail, fraud, theft). Moreover, in our increasingly legally-constrained and regulated times, the consequences of loss of, or damage to, business information can be catastrophic.

Every business must take the proper steps to identify security risks and protect its information...and be able to prove that it has done so.

How We Can Help

John Courtney Information Security Consultancy can assist you at any level from preliminary assessment or security audit to major projects to implement Information Security policies, procedures or programmes.

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Please contact us by e-mail: john.courtney@jcinfosec.com or telephone: 07795 38 52 98 to discuss your requirements or to arrange a free preliminary meeting.